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Marriage Equality

City Life

My Three Big Lessons From Our First Month of Marriage

It’s been a full month since my husband and I said “I do” before our family and friends. To call our wedding phenomenal would be […]

River House at Odette's wedding
Philadelphia Wedding

You Can Get Married for Free at River House at Odette’s on Sunday

Folks, they’re doing it again: Life-cycle celebrant Alisa Tongg, Caitlin Maloney Kuchemba of Clover Event Co., Rebecca DePasquale of RAM Floral, and myriad other Philly-area […]

free wedding event
Philadelphia Wedding

Six Couples Got Married During a Free Civil Ceremony Event at Pomme

On November 29th, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, six couples said “I do” during a free wedding event at Pomme in Radnor — and some 25 […]

marriage equality
Philadelphia Wedding

FYI: You Can Get Married for Free at PAFA on November 29th

UPDATE: Due to the new COVID-19 restrictions put into place by the city of Philadelphia starting on Monday, November 20th, the Equal Dignity Pop-Up Nuptials […]

City Life

The Best Thing This Week: Marriage Equality Helps Lower the Teen Suicide Rate

Nothing is as heartbreaking as a young person’s suicide, which has become the second-leading cause of death for teens in the United States (after accidents). […]

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NATIONAL NEWS: VP Joe Biden Makes the First Wedding He Officiates a Gay One

The vice president officiated at a gay wedding outside his residence on Monday. Joe Biden presided over the same-sex union of White House staffers Joe […]

City Life

Jim Obergefell on Why “Love Wins” for LGBTQ Americans on This Valentine’s Day

This upcoming Valentine’s Day marks the first one since marriage equality became the law of the land. Looking back, have your views on love changed? […]

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U.S. Supreme Court Declines Emergency Stay Request From Kim Davis

“Ms. Davis’ choices are clear: She must either choose to follow the law or resign her public position.”

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(Updated) #MarriageEquality: The Reaction

[Updated with reaction and slideshow from a rally at the National Constitution Center, below.] Today, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that marriage is a fundamental […]

City Life

Supreme Court Decision on Gay Marriage: A Big Win

Breaking news: The United States Supreme Court has finally reached their decision on whether or not states can ban same-sex marriage and whether or not […]

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Get Text Message Alerts When the Supreme Court Releases Their Marriage Equality Decision

There’s a very good chance that the Supreme Court will issue their decision regarding Obergefell v. Hodges over the next several days (possibly at any […]

City Life

Local Activists Hopping the Atlantic to Fight for Marriage Equality in Ireland

On Tuesday, three local LGBT activists are flying across the proverbial pond to volunteer for Ireland’s marriage referendum. Trevor Powell, attorney John Keating, and civil rights activist and political […]

Supreme Court Building
City Life

Supreme Court Justices Seem Divided Following Gay Marriage Arguments

This morning, Supreme Court justices heard oral arguments in a handful of cases challenging the Constitution’s right to deny marriage rights to same-sex couples. As […]

City Life

Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments in Marriage Equality Case

What could arguably be the biggest history-making event of 2015 begins tomorrow, when the Supreme Court hears oral arguments over the issue of marriage equality in […]

City Life

WATCH: Cory Booker Argue for Same-Sex Marriage on Senate Floor

Just two weeks from the day the Supreme Court will hear arguments about making marriage equality legal nationwide, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker has taken […]