Can Fido Land You a Date?

A new iPhone app claims to know the secret of dating success - your dog's cuteness quotient

Klooff, a new iPhone app for pet lovers, is helping users take and post cool pictures of their pets on popular social networking sites like Facebook. And from experience, we know one thing: gays sure do love their pets. And, as it turns out, there are a few more incentives for sharing Fido’s mug online – besides the sheer cuteness factor. Your dog could help you land a date.

Frank McAdams submitted a photo of his adorable Beagle Snoopy on the dunes of Long Beach Island

Turns out that several breeds have been spotlighted for having the best date potential as far as their masters are concerned, according to a new survey of men and women by Klooff. So if you’re a single guy (or gal) you may want to check out the ranking. And if you happen to own any of these brag-worthy breeds, it may be time to talk a walk around the Gayborhood, say, at happy hour.

These are the top five breeds that made women more attractive:

1. Golden Retriever
2. Labrador Retriever
3. Chihuahua
4. Poodle
5. Beagle

And these are the top five breeds for guys:

Tracy Buchholz sent us this photo of two Golden Retrievers - her mom breeds these lovable pups

1. German Shepherd
2. Golden Retriever
3. Labrador Retriever
4. Siberian Husky
5. French Bulldog

These folks must have never visited South Philly where lesbians with pit bulls seem to have cornered the market on dating. And guys strolling their pocket-size pooches around Center City? Yep, they also win us over.

What do you think, dog parents? Has your pooch ever helped you meet that special someone? Do you get lots of attention from the same-sex thanks to the furry friend on your arm? Share your stories and photos with us (