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Be Well Philly

This Is Best Thing I’ve Done for My Sanity This Year (And You Can Do It, Too!)

About a month ago, I noticed that I couldn’t help but check my phone when it vibrated. I could have been giving my very own […]

City Life

Gay Social App Launches Obama Pride

Hornet, a gay social app, launched political features, including ObamaPride which motivates users to vote and to support LGBT rights initiatives this election season.

City Life

Got Hornet?

Hornet is a new gay social app that encourages users to get tested and share their results with others.

City Life

Apple Adds Gay and Lesbian Icons

Apple adds gay and lesbian emoticons and we share our favorite three phone apps.

City Life

Can Fido Land You a Date?

Can your dog help you land a date? iPhone app Klooff thinks so. They conducted a survey of the top dog breeds for single men and women. Find out how you and Fido rank.

City Life

Summer Tech Must-Haves

Summer usually means two things – time spent outside and on the road to the latest vacation destination. That’s why we gathered up some of […]

City Life

Gay.com Goes Mobile

Gay.com is arguably the most popular site for making man-to-man connections. And for the first time, the social networking site – which is operated by […]