Apple Adds Gay and Lesbian Icons

New graphics and three of our favorite apps

Courtesy of Apple

The new version of Apple iPhone’s operating system just got gay-friendlier. The new system iOS6 comes with new gay and lesbian emoticons – or emojis – that can be used in texting and email. Up until now, the emoticons included only heterosexual couples. But the new additions feature two men holding hands and a lesbian couple doing the same.

The only strange part is that the gay and lesbian couples are void of any emotion. Maybe they’re waiting for their official coming out day to beam with pride. It’s certainly the right month for it.

Here are three of our favorite LGBT-friendly iPhone apps:

Courtesy of BoyAhoy Gay Chat

BoyAhoy Gay Chat lets you connect with the men in your region or around the world. The social app features chat rooms and profiles, and even lets your create a hotlist. It’s the alternative to Manhunt, Grindr and other hookup apps.

Purpll is one of the only gay and lesbian social media apps designed for both men and women. Kind of like a gay and lesbian Facebook, the app lets users share news and updates with a friends list – or even find that special someone for a date. This goes for the guys as well as the gals.

OUT Radio lets you plug into music, news and talk shows in the palm of your hand. LGBT programming is adjusted by time zone with built-in media streaming that lets users navigate other phone features while tuning in.

What’s your favorite phone app?