Teachers Behaving Badly

Cursing, punching and more horror stories from local classrooms.

Last spring, Natalie Munroe was suspended from her job as an English teacher at Central Bucks East High School when student found her blog which contained a few posts that didn’t exactly heap praise on her students. While Munroe may not be thought of as the ideal educator, she’s not alone. With what feels like alarming frequency, local teachers have been accused of sexting a student, having sex with a student, purchasing sex toys for students, selling drugs and a variety of other inappropriate or illegal acts.  Here’s some of the more salacious recent incidents from around the region. These instructors certainly aren’t your Mr. Feenie-types.

Glouco Special Ed Teacher Reams Out Student. “I will kick your ass from here to Kingdom Come until I’m 80 years old, Jules.” You’ve got to be happy with that kind of compassion between teacher and student. Other gems included, “I don’t give a fuck” and, “There ain’t gonna be nothin’ you’re gonna do ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever do.” [ABC News]

Teacher Punches Female Student for Throwing Chalk. A 41-year-old man from Yeadon was arrested for allegedly punching a female student in the face multiple times at Radnor’s Presbyterian Children’s Village because she kept throwing chalk at him. [NBC Philadelphia]

Teacher Rants After Kicking Student Out. “I’m praying for one of you young boys to hit me.” If that wasn’t lovely enough he adds, “I’m not even going the black way and go in the streets with you, I’m going the white way. I’m going to sue you.” This response is great because if there’s anything better than rants that antagonize teenage students it’s rants that antagonize teenage students peppered with blatant racism. [Fox 29]

H.S. Teacher Goes On A Tirade Caught On Video: MyFoxPHILLY.com

Teacher Calls First Graders “Future Criminals.” A first grade teacher in Jersey was suspended back in April of 2011 for writing a Facebook status about her class. She said that she felt like a warden and called her students “future criminals.” No word on whether or not any of the 7-year-olds from her class have yet succumbed to a life of crime. [NBC Philadelphia]

Teacher Brawls With School Board President. Tensions are running a little high in the Chester Upland School District where funding is nearly non-existent, but a recent brawl between the school board president and a high school teacher was over a rumor that was planning to bring her daughter to school to assault another student. [Fox 29]

B-Word Costs Teacher His Job. During an argument with a student, a 66-year-old male teacher asked that she, “Please stop acting like a spoiled bitch.” Apparently, the school board frowns on that sort of thing; a vote resulted in the termination of the teacher’s contract. Though, at the meeting where the vote was held, numerous members of the community came to the teacher’s defense. [NBC Philadelphia]