Comcast Says Basically Everthing Sprint Does Violates Comcast’s Patents

Philadelphia-based Comcast Cable Communications has filed a federal lawsuit against Sprint Nextel and some of its subsidiaries alleging that the Kansas-headquartered corporation has infringed upon four of Comcast’s patents, including one as simple as a 2005 patent it holds entitled “Transferring Of A Message“. In the suit, Comcast claims that Sprint’s methods for many wireless voice and data services, the company’s Connectivity Solutions, text messaging, Sprint Mobile Email, and 3G Mobile Broadband Connection, among other products, violate Comcast’s patent rights. If true, that would seem to be most of the services that Sprint offers. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, though we’re pretty sure they’re talking about some ridiculous amount of money. Comcast spokesman Charlie Douglas declined to comment on the case, while a Sprint Nextel spokesperson was not immediately available.