Getting to the Bottom of “Bad Sex”

A new series on LOGO explores what happens when sex goes wrong

Addiction. Obsession. Cheating. And fear. These are just a few of the issues that a group of 10 real-life participants are struggling with on a new series debuting tonight (9 p.m.) on LOGO called Bad Sex. Hosted by sex-positive therapist Chris Donaghue, who studied at Temple University, the series explores what happens when sex goes wrong through intense group and individual sessions for eight weeks.

When we checked out the series screener, we followed the story of a gay man named Ryan, a restaurant owner in West Hollywood, who is by all accounts a sex addict. He was 18 years old when he first had sex with another man – his father’s married friend with kids. Since then, Ryan estimates that he’s had sex with as many as 1,500 men. As his friends and co-workers worry he may lose his business because of his addiction, Ryan tells his story tonight about his lovers (there are currently 30 guys in rotation), his compulsion and his greatest fears about being alone.

Check it out:


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