South Street Supermarket Sued Over $1.75 ATM Fee

PA man taking grocer to federal court

We all hate those dreadful ATM fees, but one Pennsylvania man is taking action while the rest of us just bitch and moan. Last week, Paul Greiff, a 48-year-old gold buyer from Allegheny County, filed a class-action lawsuit in Philadelphia’s federal court against South Square Market, that overpriced grocery store that’s been at the corner of 23rd and South streets for longer than I care to remember. Back in August, Greiff was visiting Philadelphia and needed some money, so he hit up the ATM inside the market. Like most non-Wawa ATMs, this cash machine charged a fee: $1.75, according to his suit. Problem is, there’s no sign posted on the ATM warning customers of the surcharge, a fact I verified this morning by having a Philly Mag research assistant (a.k.a. intern) walk down and snap a few photos. According to a 2006 Congressional amendment to something called the Electronic Fund Transfers Act, ATM operators are required to inform customers of a surcharge both on the screen (“This ATM charges a $2.50 surcharge. Do you wish to continue?”) as well as with a sign on or near the ATM, which South Square does not do. Greiff is seeking unspecified statutory damages as well as attorney fees, so if you have a receipt from the market’s ATM, jump on board. You might just get a Banquet Turkey Pot Pie out of the deal.