Congressman Weiner Is a Dog

Even his sexting friend knows that

So U.S. Rep Anthony Weiner got caught sending naughty photos to a whole bunch of ladies on the Internets, and maybe was using government resources to do so, and is certainly in a heap of trouble at home, even though he says most of his sexting occurred before he got married last July to longtime Hillary Clinton assistant Huma Abedin, at a wedding presided over by no less than former prez Bill Clinton himself. Fine. Whatever. It’s good for Democrats to have sex scandals every once in a while, just to prove that they’re not totally bloodless and that guys like—yikes—Newt Gingrich, Ahnold, Mark Sanford, Larry Craig and John Ensign don’t have a lock on this sort of tawdriness. (Shut up, John Edwards. No one cares about you.)

What you don’t so much expect is for the voice of reason in l’affaire Weiner to come from his fellow sexter (what ever happened to, say, knitting as a hobby? Or model planes? Or gardening?), 26-year-old single mom and would-be nurse Meagan Broussard of Texas, who first made contact, electronically speaking, with the Congressman after she “liked” a YouTube video of one of his speeches on his Facebook page. She also left the message that he was “hottttt,” which he apparently found irresistible enough to commence sending her dirty messages and photos almost immediately. Broussard’s summation of the brouhaha? “I don’t think he’s a bad guy. I think he’s got issues just like everybody else,” she told ABC News. “Everyone’s standards are different, but to be elected to Congress and sit there all day on Facebook chatting?” Right on, Meagan, right on. Health-care crisis, the mess in Afghanistan, a stalled economic recovery, and Weiner’s got nothing better to devote himself to than this? Shame on him—and shame on us for being so equally infatuated with and distracted by the online world that we don’t have the will to hold our politicians to account.