Do Women Cheat More Than Men?

Signs your gal pal is being unfaithful

Dear Monica, You’ve been too hard on the men lately. Plenty of women cheat and break men’s hearts. Time to talk about the flip side of the coin! — S. D. – Radnor

You are absolutely right. Plenty of women run around on their husbands and boyfriends. The popular notion is that men are the ones who stray and leave. The reality is women are out there hooking up too—whether it be at the Four Seasons, the Hilton or their boss’s office. Here are signs that may indicate your significant other is playing the field.

  • Sudden weight loss. All of the sudden she is obsessed with the gym and tight jeans. You have never seen her look so good or pay more attention to her figure. If the gym is her number one priority, she is probably cheating.
  • Now is the time for her boob job. After years of being flat- to medium-chested, she now wants to be voluptuous. The push-up bras at Victoria’s Secret are just not doing the trick. Red flag: There is a reason why. Her cleavage is now a means to an end.
  • She is changing the way she dresses. Sexy shirts, tight outfits, and high heels are the new look. If showing off legs and skin are the mode, watch your back.
  • She no longer has the interest in accompanying you to your office functions. She used to be available for all of the sporting events, cocktail parties and cultural evenings that the company had tickets for. Now she would rather stay home and read a book. If she is no longer invested in the two of you as a couple, her mind is clearly elsewhere.
  • Rekindling old friendships. Those old sorority friends of hers are meeting for a weekend getaway and she has not seen them in years. Could “the girls” be a cover for her stepping out? Do yourself a favor and check where the Visa card has been used.
  • She is suddenly interested in social media. Facebook is a great way to meet up with old flames. If she is on the computer 24/7, chances are it is not all for work. A person using Facebook for the right reasons needs 10 minutes a day, not five hours a night.

If your sixth sense is telling you something, don’t be an ostrich. Get to the bottom of what is going on. There is an old saying, “Women are evil and men are stupid.” In  2011, just as many women, if not more, are cheating. Women are no longer stuck at home with the kids. They are partners in law firms, CEOs, and running their own businesses. The opportunities for women to meet other men is higher than ever. Men have a bad rap when it comes to fidelity. Plenty of men are stuck in relationships with cheating girlfriends and spouses.

Monica Mandell, Ph.D. is the Director of the Philadelphia office of Selective Search, the premiere (off-line) upscale matchmaking firm for the most eligible singles. Please send your questions to: