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What gays are talking about today in Philly

No Gay City Council Member – Yet

After announcing his campaign earlier this year at Tavern on Camac, Christopher Hayes fell short of collecting the 1,000 signatures needed to make it on the ballot for city council. “My bid for city council has come to a long fought and disapointing end,” Hayes posted on Facebook today. “We are 100 signatures short of 1,000. Thank you to all those wonderful people I have met along the way.” If elected, he would have been Philly’s first openly gay council member.

Philly Priests on Leave

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s office is sparing no one in its recent investigation of pedophile priests. Twenty-one Roman Catholic priests have been put on leave since charges were filed against five men for sex abuse against minors. Now the Archdiocese is being put under a microscope to find out if the higher powers covered up the scandal and exposed other children to these molesters. It’s not a good time for the Catholic Church in Philly at all. While pedophile priests are finally being taken out of the classrooms and away from the pulpit, Chestnut Hill College fired one of its professors – for being gay. We can’t figure this one out. It seems that the church scrambles to cover up and relocate pedophile protests, but it fires a gay man who’s been in a 15-year committed adult relationship? Bevilacqua, you have some explaining to do.

Has Santorum Gone to the Left?

Former PA Senator Rick Santorum admitted recently that he may not hate gay sex so much after all. The conservative politician – who may make a bid for president next year – said in a guest column for The Des Moines Register that he is upset the Obama administration isn’t defending DOMA, but he also admitted that “if two adults of the same sex want to have a relationship that is their business.” While not exactly gay friendly, it may actually be a sign of progress for a guy who had previously supported sodomy laws, saying, “there were there for a purpose.”

Bad News for Gay Night at the Flower Show

“Poorly attended” seems to be the review of last night’s gay night at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Philadelphia Gay News Publisher Mark Segal posted on Facebook that while the special event was a bust, it’s one of the best flower show in years. Maybe gay night is just a little redundant at the over-the-top event? And while we are sorry that gay-owned MODA Botanica didn’t again take home best in show, their exhibit is a superb fine art ode to “La Vie en Rose.”

Philly Couple Makes Jersey History

Seven years ago today, Philly couple Ric Best – an artist – and Louis Navarrete – a designer – became the first gay couple to marry in New Jersey. Even though civil unions were not yet allowed in the Garden State at the time these two tied the knot, the marriage may have helped pave the way for other couples. “We have a license, and it’s legal,” Navarrete told the news. “It’s been a long time coming.”

Hear Me Roar

It’s Fat Tuesday and International Women’s Day. Does it get any better than that? That means you should go buy the wonderful women in your life a fausnaught to celebrate.

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