10 Rittenhouse Developer Files Chapter 11

Plus PHL might be set to not suck so bad, the "n" word trial, Specter will teach at Penn and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

Rittenhouse Developer Files for Bankruptcy. The guys who put up the luxury high-rise 10 Rittenhouse are going Chapter 11 because of a dispute over the project’s profitability. Only about 40 of the 135 units have been sold. If you’re worried about the people who have already bought into the building, don’t — according to this story “many of [them] don’t even have mortgages.” [Inquirer]

PHL Gets Expansion Approval. Yesterday the FAA waved on the proposed $5.2 billion expansion that will add another runway, and just maybe make flying in and out of our city’s airport not quite so painful. The people of Tinicum township who will be displaced by this remodeling aren’t so thrilled. The guy up on the plane that’s just circled for the 87th time waiting for an opening to land? Ecstatic. [Newsworks, Daily News]

Case Over the “N” Word Set for Trial. Remember Tom Burlington? Neither does the Scoop. But he was a Fox 29 reporter fired back in 2007 for using the “n” word at work, which at Fox, the Scoop assumed, stood for news. Turns out, no, his lawsuit claims racial discrimination. Yes, against him. [Inquirer]

Arlen Specter: Penn Professor. The university has hired the former senator to teach a class in the fall on the Congress v. Supreme Court relationship. No word yet on which apples he prefers, you Ivy League suck-ups, but the Scoop suggests Granny Smith. [Washington Post]

Football Trouble at PSU. QB Rob Bolden wants to leave Penn State. But Coach Joe Paterno has denied his transfer request. If Joe won’t go, nobody else can either. [CSN]

Maybe We Won’t Have a Lady Sheriff After All. The Scoop mentioned Rendell’s nom of a woman for the Philly Sheriff job yesterday. However, there’s the small problem of he’s not really governor anymore. Republican Dominic Pileggi argues that incoming guv Tom Corbett should get to nominate his own candidate for the job. [Daily News]

Newsstand Opens Just Off South Street. You know, those places where you can buy newspapers. This is not a link to an Onion article. [Inquirer]