Chicken Skewers, Sausage Rolls and More Philly Street Foods for Eating on the Go

Five portable, handheld, on-the-go eats for those days when you don’t have time to sit down and have a full meal.

street food

Chicken on a stick at South Street Souvlaki is just one example of great grab-and-go street food in Philly | Photo by Caroline Cunningham

Philly has a few classic handheld, on-the-go eats. There’s the most obvious choice: the cheesesteak. We love cheesesteaks over here. In fact, we have a whole guide to our favorites. Other options include soft pretzels, and even a hoagie. But we also happen to have a whole variety of street foods from around the world right here in Philadelphia, ideal for grabbing on the go and eating on the move, from flaky, pastry-wrapped sausage rolls to sweet and savory crepes. Next time you’re running around the city, grab one of these treats to keep you fueled up until your next meal.

street food

Sausage rolls | Stargazy

Sausage rolls from Stargazy
Stargazy gets a lot of love for their savory pies with mashed potatoes and electric-green parsley liquor for sopping. But if you’re in a hurry, or can’t make time for a nap after lunch, grab one of their sausage rolls — a meaty, flaky, savory bite that will keep you going all day and into the night. Find their website here.


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Chicken on a stick from South Street Souvlaki
You can go into South Street Souvlaki and have a nice, sit-down meal. But if you’re looking for an affordable pick-me-up, go directly to their takeout window and order a couple of their $3 souvlaki — either chicken or pork. There can’t be anything more portable than meat on a stick — the only limitation is how many you can hold at one time. Find their website here.


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Crepes from T-Swirl Crepes
When T-Swirl opened in 2015, it created quite a stir with it’s gluten-free, stuffed-to-the-brim crepes. You may never have thought you wanted a cone-shaped crepe stuffed with a niçoise salad or an Okinawa-style hot dog, but that’s because you simply haven’t known what you’re missing. Find their website here.


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Samosas from International Food and Spices
The West Philly international food market sells a small selection of other prepared Indian items, but the samosas are 75 cents, stuffed with perfectly spiced potatoes, and small enough that you could eat three on your way to picnic Clark Park, and three more when you get there. Find their website here.


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Spam Musubi from Philly Poke
Musubi, a Hawaiian snack of griddled spam stacked with rice and wrapped in a strip of nori to keep it all together, is an ideal grab-and-go food. At Philly Poke, they come tightly wrapped in plastic wrap so they’ll survive a few hours in your backpack, if needed. They also serve onigiri, a Japanese triangular rice ball that you can get filled with salmon and avocado or shrimp tempura. Find their website here.