Saté Kampar Is Back With a Long-Term Pop-Up in Rittenhouse

Ange Branca's beloved Malaysian restaurant will take over the kitchen at the Goat through the end of the summer.

Saté Kampar’s Ramly burger | photo by Mike Prince

When we broke the news in May that Saté Kampar was closing due to issues with their landlord, chef and owner Ange Branca was determined to figure out a way to keep the restaurant going, and she has.  She hosted a brief, totally sold-out residency at Bok Bar, confirming that, yes, the city is still craving the delicious, comforting Malaysian food crafted by the Saté Kampar team. Luckily for us, today she begins a long-term pop-up at the Goat, the restaurant and bar from Fergie Carey in Rittenhouse.

You may remember that Carey opened the Goat in late January, just a few weeks before everything shut down. Located at 1907 Sansom Street, the Goat’s opening menu had sort of an pan-international vibe going, so we’re excited to see what Branca and the Saté Kampar team will do. The Goat has been closed since Covid hit, and Ange says she’s excited to take over the kitchen. No word from Carey about what happened to his kitchen staff.

The space doesn’t have a grill, so there will be no actual saté, those grilled skewers that we love so much. But there will be Ramly burgers, the Malaysian street food burger that the team started serving back in March. The burger is a double patty with curry barbecue sauce and spicy mayonnaise, wrapped in a thin egg omelette and topped with a few pieces of crunchy cabbage. They’re also going to be serving familiar favorites like their rendang (with lamb, rather than the beef version they used to have at the restaurant) and their fried chicken wings. The menu is pretty limited as they continue to operate with a skeleton crew in order to keep everyone safe and socially distanced in the kitchen.

You can order takeout online through the Goat’s website, or you can walk up and order. For now, there are a couple of tables outside with space for about 30 people. No reservations are available as of now, but keep an eye out as they get settled. Branca says she expects to operate until at least September, if all goes well.

As with all outdoor dining, the summer heat is proving to be somewhat limiting. Branca shut down the kitchen early this week to deal with the extreme heat, which surpassed that of her hometown, Kuala Lumpur. Follow along on Instagram for more updates.