Where We’re Eating Right Now: Chinese Takeout and Delivery in Philly

Looking for a place to get Chinese take-out or delivery during the pandemic? We've got a few suggestions.

chinese delivery takeout

Here’s where to get delivery and takeout Chinese food in Philly right now. Photo courtesy of Dim Sum House

Things are weird right now. We get that. But since no one can be expected to cook every meal at home during this emergency, we’ve got a list here that might help you out. If you’re looking for a Chinese restaurant that does delivery or takeout, that offers a product that travels well and is, of course, delicious, we’ve got some suggestions. Because these are the Chinese takeout and delivery options that we’re living on right now, so maybe you can, too.


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Baology, Center City
Is it weird, starting off a list of (largely) Chinese restaurants with one that’s notably Taiwanese? Yes it is. Are we trying to use an internet list of delicious take-out food to eat during a global pandemic as some kind of weird way to make a political statement about the Taiwanese Independence Movement or our government’s One China policy? No, we are not. What we ARE saying is that Baology, as a Taiwanese restaurant operating independently within a larger framework of Philly Chinese restaurants, has some excellent potstickers and that they are available for both pickup and delivery right now. The pork belly and fried chicken gwa bao are also fantastic and are the kind of thing that can make even the longest lockdown seem tolerable. Available for pickup and delivery via Caviar


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Han Dynasty, Multiple Locations
Han Chiang has been taking the covid issue seriously, shutting down certain restaurants entirely and temporarily closing any of them where a customer or staff member tests positive. As of right now, the locations in Old City, UCity and Manayunk are open locally, and offering both pickup and delivery. Which means that even in the grip of a massive, worldwide pandemic, you can still get your beef dry pot, dumplings in chili oil, Szechuan fries and dan dan noodles. Bonus: Owner Han Chiang is offering a 20 percent discount to all hospitality workers doing takeout. Available for pickup or delivery via Caviar


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DanDan, Rittenhouse (also Wayne)
Hey, speaking of dan dan noodles, guess who else is up and running during the apocalypse? DanDan! It’s weird how nostalgic I’m becoming for moments — not places or foods, necessarily, but restaurant moments. The first drink sliding across the bar, the spread of apps on a table, the argument over who gets the last dumpling — those fundamental building blocks of the restaurant experience, the way we measure time during a meal, that’s what I miss. And for some reason, thinking about DanDan makes me think about everything we’re so close to losing. Ah, well… C’est la guerre, non? And while opening take out containers of pork belly in sweet garlic sauce and cold sesame noodles on your couch might not be the same as having those plates set in front of you on a Center City Friday night, it is better than nothing. It’s what we have right now, and I’m trying really hard to be thankful for what we have. Available for take out or delivery via Caviar


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Dim Sum House, UCity and Rittenhouse
The Dim Sum House in UCity has been up and running for a while, doing their side-by-side Shanghai/Cantonese dim sum and Southeastern Chinese dishes. Recently (like in February, just before the world went sideways), owners Jane Guo and Jackson Fu decided to turn the Jane G’s space in Rittenhouse into a second Dim Sum House, and now … well, here we are. Both locations are currently doing delivery through Caviar, which means you can put together your own dim sum feast, full of really awesome scallion pancakes, shrimp shu mai, pork and leek dumplings, wontons in chile oil, and maybe two orders of crystal shrimp dumplings. Delivery through Caviar


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Lee How Fook, Chinatown
Over the past 30-odd years, Lee How Fook has seen a lot of things change in Chinatown. And while no amount of practice or experience could’ve prepared anyone for the environment Philly restaurants are operating in currently, Lee How Fook is doing its best with a solid menu of traditional and comforting, Cantonese-American classics. So if you need some old school shrimp egg rolls, chicken with pineapple, egg drop soup and a plate of kung pao pork to get you through the night, this is your spot. Available via Caviar