Where We’re Eating Right Now: Takeout and Delivery Pizza in Philly

Looking for a place to get takeout or delivery pizza during the pandemic? We've got a few suggestions.

Angelo’s pizzeria is one of the many fantastic shops still doing takeout and delivery pizza in Philly | Photo by Ian Shiver

Things are weird right now. We get that. But since no one can be expected to cook every meal at home during this emergency, we’ve got a list here that might help you out. If you’re looking for a pizza place that does delivery or takeout, that offers a product that travels well and is, of course, delicious, we’ve got some suggestions. Because these are the takeout and delivery pizza options that we’re living on right now, so maybe you can, too.

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High Street on Market, Old City
High Street had gotten into the pizza game right before all this stupid coronavirus stuff started happening. And they didn’t let a measly global pandemic get in their way. The kitchen’s doing a limited number of pizzas for delivery and carryout each day. Most recently, they had a fennel sausage version, a straight margherita and a really nice looking herb-and-almond pesto pizza with goat cheese. Available on Caviar


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Gigi Pizza, Queen Village
Neapolitan pies are best eaten fresh out the oven. Their thin bottoms and soupy middles make for great dining-in pizza, but, as you know, takeout/delivery is a different ball game entirely. Gigi’s pizza? It’s sorta, kinda Neapolitan, made from long-fermented dough, great ingredients, and all of it’s built on crust substantial enough to hold up in transit. Available on Caviar.


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Angelo’s Pizzeria, Bella Vista
Angelo’s was doing covid-style curbside takeout before it was cool, so this amazing little South Philly pizza joint was uniquely situated to transition into this age of quarantine. And I love the fact that Angelo’s is working off a drastically cut-down “Quarantine Menu” that says, “No Substitutes. No Questions. No Bullshit.” And I double love it that the Quarantine Menu still includes the Upside Down Jawn — a ten-pound, thick, square monster of a pie that’ll feed your family for days (provided you get there early enough to score one before they run out of dough). Oh, and one other thing? I know that Angelo’s used to have this whole no-phone, show-up-and-take-your-chances, Wild West kind of thing going with their service. But now, they’ve transitioned to phone orders, pay-by-Venmo and contact-less pickup. So keep that in mind. Call 215-922-0000 to place your order, pay with Venmo.


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Wood Street Pizza, Spring Garden
Two things I like about Wood Street? One, they’re open. Two, they chose Tuesday, 4/20, to close for a Staff Appreciation Day. Nice. But as of Wednesday, they were back open, offering solid neighborhood pies with excellent crusts. This place is one of Tewfik’s new faves, and he insists that the best thing about their pies is that they travel very well. Also, the hand-drawn bags that they’re using for some of their deliveries? They’re just about the Philly-est thing happening in the Philly food scene right now. Available on Caviar.


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Pizza Brain/Pizza Dad’s, Fishtown/Brewerytown
Pizza Brain and Pizza Dad’s transitioned to a pre-order, scheduled pick-up/delivery model that allows you to a) choose from available slots, minimizing wait times, and b) schedule your pizza supply run up to 7 days in advance. Which is nice because knowing that you’ve got a Patrick Maxwell (a white pie with mozzarella, root beer-braised brisket, sharp provolone, hot cherry peppers and onions) waiting for you at the end of the week can make it easier to get through things like, you know, Tuesdays. Available on Caviar or place your pickup order here.


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Chiquita’s Pizzeria, South Philly
A Mexican pizza specialist in South Philly serving several varieties, from simple California pizzas with ground beef, lettuce and cheddar jack to more rococo variations like the pambazo or carnitas pies. Also, they do Hawaiian, Buffalo chicken, macaroni, barbecue and other cross-cultural varieties. The days we’re in? There are no gods and no laws, so get as strange as you want to with your order. Who’s gonna judge? Place your order here.