A Wawa Coffee Beer, You Say?

2SP Brewing Company and Wawa made a collaborative brew. We simply had to review it.

2SP + Wawa’s Winter Reserve Coffee Stout

With the universe’s largest Wawa opening on Friday in Philly, we have officially declared this Wawa Week in Philadelphia. Go here to follow all of our coverage.

Two products of Delco — 2SP Brewing Company and Wawa — made a beer together.

The story (according to Michael Contreras, 2SP’s director of sales and marketing) goes: One October morning, the 2SP brewers and sales team got together to plan their beer schedule for the month over a cup of Wawa joe. Of course, when people who make and sell beverages for a living drink beverages together, the beverages will become the subject of a taste test. One thing led to another, and the 2SP + Wawa Winter Reserve Coffee Stout — an oatmeal stout made with Wawa’s Winter Reserve coffee —was born.

To understand the Winter Reserve Coffee Stout, you must first understand Wawa coffee — as well as the culture that surrounds it.

The coffee bar at Wawa is a Philadelphia-area tradition. There’s an ease to it. It’s lined with self-serve carafes. They’re always full and always hot. Is it the best coffee in the world? Maybe better than Dunkin’ coffee, but not by much. Sometimes, one of the carafes is filled with Wawa’s fancy coffee (like the Winter Reserve), and when it is, it’s your lucky day. The coffee bar is a watering hole for suburbanites and city dwellers who share the same space. Do it long enough, and you’ll learn each other’s names. Do it long enough, and you’ll find a routine.

And that routine can be the most comfortable part of your day.

The stout? It takes you right there. Right to those moments of comfort and ease. It’s got the toasty, spiced goodness of Wawa’s winter reserve blend, but it’s cold so it sorta-kinda acts like a boozed-up nitro cold brew, which is a treat. It is a brew specially made for lovers of Wawa coffee and lovers of creamy, dark beers.

Which, I assume, is a very niche group, but one that will likely grow.

Here’s everywhere you can get your hands on a four-pack ($12.99). They’re on sale now, but the supply is extremely limited – only 1,000 cases were made for purchase.