East Passyunk’s Townsend Landed a Hot-Shot New Sommelier

Gordana Kostovski is out at Volvér and taking her talents to South Philly.

Gordana Kostovski is a big deal in the Philly wine community. The Macedonian Master-certified sommelier was awarded two of Wine Spectator’s Awards of Excellence, including a Best of Award of Excellence. And for close to three years, she’s remained the driving force behind Volvér’s wine program — easily one of the most consistent (and consistently great) aspects of the restaurant and bar. Last year, she was credited in the Wall Street Journal for inspiring a major New York wine purveyor to bring his business to Pennsylvania, despite the state’s restrictive conditions. To say the least, she’s been a major player in helping shape this city’s burgeoning wine scene.

Yesterday, at Philly Cooks, when I found her in front of Townsend’s table and not Volvér’s, I thought nothing of it — she’s married to Townsend’s chef-owner Tod Wentz. But lo and behold, she actually works there, too.

As a restaurant, Townsend has always pushed the envelope when it came to its wine offerings — they’ve had wine-pro Lauren Harris leading the charge, after all. But Harris goes on maternity leave next month, and who better to pick up where she left off than yet another absolute pro?

Yes, Harris is still Townsend’s GM and sommelier, still the brains behind the wine list, and she’ll still continue to grow the business with Wentz. But while she’s away, Kostovski will be sure to add her bit of flair and prowess to the Townsend dining experience.