Here’s What You’ll Be Eating Tonight At Harp & Crown

Michael Schulson’s new, huge, beautiful and vaguely nautical Center City restaurant, Harp & Crown, is opening tonight. We already got a look inside last week (and came home with pictures), but one thing we didn’t get to see? The opening menus.

Well, now we have them, and they’re a mix of curated charcuterie and cheese, salads, wood-fired pizzas, snacks and full plates upstairs, with a more limited menu (mostly the charcuterie and small plates) available at the bar or downstairs in the hidden basement bar and bowling alley.

Anyway, Karen Nicholas is on board as chef, and I’ve liked what she’s done in the past, so I’m looking forward to seeing what she can do here. You can check out both menus after the jump.

First off, the upstairs dinner menu and drink list:

And then the shorter bar menu, which is served both at the bar upstairs and at Elbow Lane, downstairs.

Harp & Crown [f8b8z]