Philly Favorites that Defy Dietary Restrictions

There's no excuse not to integrate cheesesteaks into your diet.

Gluten-free pretzel from Taffets Bakery

Gluten-free pretzel from Taffets Bakery | Photo via Taffets’ Facebook

Quintessential Philadelphia cuisine is not exactly conducive to the trendy dietary restrictions of modern day. Luckily, these local eateries aim to remedy that.

Gluten-Free Pretzels
Taffetts (1024 S 9th Street)

Created to cater to Philadelphians suffering from celiac’s disease, this bakery is an essential stop at the Italian Market.

Vegan Hoagies
Kung-Fu Hoagies (Variable locations)

This one gets extra Philadelphia-ness points because it’s a food cart. As a result, these Vietnamese-Philadelphian fusion sandwiches move around a lot. Here’s a schedule of where you can find them.

Gluten-Free Cheesesteaks
Paesano’s Philly Style (2012 N Broad Street, 148 W Girard Avenue)

The Knuckle Sandwich is basically a cheesesteak on gluten free bread. And is there anything more Philadelphian than casual italian-inspired cuisine?

Gluten-Free Craft Beer Alternative
Commonwealth Ciders (2440 Frankford Avenue)

If you want a proper Philadelphia-brewed beverage without any gluten, you’ll have to stick with cider. But don’t worry—these are fermented dry and come in many flavors.

Kosher Water Ice
Philadelphia Water Ice Factory (8354 State Road)

All products available here are under the supervision of the Orthodox Union. They are also fat, dairy and cholesterol free and come in over 40 flavors.

Gluten-Free Cannoli
Taffetts, again  (1024 S 9th Street)

Taffets wins the prize for making gluten-intensive products gluten free. Cannolis are essential to any successful visit to the Italian Market, and now no one has to miss out.