This Weekend: Spring Has Sprung So Let’s Get Drunk

I’m almost afraid that writing this publicly will jinx it, but it’s supposed to be 79 degrees and sunny this Saturday (April 18), which means it’s officially T-shirt weather (and that means everyone’s arms will be out, and who doesn’t love a good view of arms?).

But springtime means something else in addition to visible arm flesh: pub strolls (and allergies, but lets just talk about bar crawls.) Namely, the South Street West Business Association Pub Stroll this Saturday from 1-7pm.

A $3 ticket (which you can buy here, or at the door for $5–but remember that those are $2 you could be spending on beer) will get you food and drink specials at the 8 bars on the docket. The bars that the stroll is hitting, in order, are Grace Tavern, Doobies, Ten Stone, Founding Fathers, Jet Wine Bar, The Cambridge, Bob & Barbara’s Lounge, and Skewers.

View the full list of deals here.