Eli Kulp’s Danishes On The Cover Of Saveur


Because right now, the rest of the country just can’t get enough of us and our restaurants, that’s why.

For the March issue (which hits the stands today), the cover is graced by Kulp’s country ham and red eye gravy danishes from High Street On Market. And while Saveur is kind enough to include the recipe for the danishes, come on… Unless you are some kind of certified bread savant, you’re not going to make these yourself. And even though the recipe here allows for the use of pre-made crescent roll dough, the instructions (“Twist strips, one at a time, by holding ends of strips and twisting dough in opposite directions. Coil one twist of dough around itself to make a 2″ round. Pinch the end of a second twist of dough onto the round; continue coiling dough to make a 4″ round. Tuck and pinch end of dough under danish to seal.”) make my head hurt. Which is why it’s awesome that we live in the city where these danishes are made, so we can just drop by and buy some whenever we please.

Philly rules.

Country Ham and Red Eye Gravy Danish [Saveur]