JG Domestic Sandwich of the Month: Beef on Weck


JG Domestic's Beef on Weck and german style lager

JG Domestic’s Beef on Weck and German style lager

Garces Group has been doing a “Burger of the Month” at Village Whiskey for a while now–the success of which has prompted a similar concept at JG Domestic. Thus, every month throughout 2015 JG Domestic will be featuring a “Sandwich of the Month.”

To inaugurate the new program, the February Sandwich of the Month will be beef on weck. The sandwich is described as, “paying homage to Western New York,” and will features slow-roasted beef on a Kimmelweck roll with horseradish sauce and a side of au jus for $12. [Editor’s Note: Being from Western New York and a big fan of beef on weck, I think this is a fantastic idea. This city needs more beef on weck sandwiches in general. Also salt bagels and chicken wings that taste like chicken wings should. ~Jason]

For those interested, Village Whiskey’s Burger of the Month is “The Frenchy”–topped with sauce au poivre, cabernet grilled onions, gruyere, marinated truffle and bone marrow aioli.

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