Jose Garces Is Opening Another Restaurant

No, seriously. Another one. And this time, he’s headed back to Chicago to do it.

Though at this point it’s really hard to keep count, I think Jose Garces has something like 75 projects currently on the books and scheduled to open in the next year. There’s the work he’s doing at Bookbinders (which isn’t yet complete). The project at the Granary building. That thing in NYC. Another thing in Washington D.C.. The restaurant at the Newark airport. The list goes on and on.

And, okay, that’s not quite 75 (did I forget to mention the possible cafe at 24th and Walnut?), but now he’s announcing a second Rural Society in Chicago at the Loews Hotel (Rural Society being the Argentine-inspired steakhouse he opened in D.C.). It’s going to be meat-focused, with most of the menu coming off a big hardwood-and-charcoal grill set in the center of the dining room, and the Garces Group is saying that they’re expecting to be open by spring of this year.

I’m not gonna knock the guy for being busy, but seriously? Check out our Jose Garces archive page to see just how many projects the group has announced over the past year.

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