Garces Opening Another New Restaurant, This Time At The Newark Airport

The New York Times recently reported on a $120 million upcoming project at Newark Airport, which will involve 24(!) “high-profile” chefs all doing their part to create an upgraded culinary scene. At an airport. In Newark.

No, really.

Alex Stupak, Amanda Freitag, Paul Liebrandt, Jacques Torres, Alex Guarnaschelli, Marc Forgione and Alain Ducasse are all part of the project. And (as if you couldn’t have guessed from his smiling photo up there), so is Jose Garces.

Because he apparently doesn’t already have enough going on (he also has a new restaurant scheduled to open in Manhattan, another coming to the Granary here in Philly, and about nine thousand other things in the works at last count), this new Newark operation won’t even be part of his normal portfolio. He’s calling it Novella, and it will serve Latin-accented small plates.

The project is supposed to be finished before 2016.

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