It’s a Ramp Roundup – Ignore the Wind, Spring Is Here

No, not these ramps.

No, not these ramps.

Last night it snowed. Today the wind howled and you had to wonder if this winter would ever just give up. But Twitter is abuzz with photos and tweets that proved spring is indeed here. Local chefs are tweeting up a storm of the ramps they’ve foraged and already gotten onto their menus.

The “These Ramps go to 11” citywide burger. Cheddar, guanciale, crispy red onions and ramp chimichurri. This burger, a shot of buffalo trace and a pint of Newbold for $15 #spinaltapburger – Rex 1516

And here we are. The first of the season redneck leeks…….. um I mean ramps – Vedge

Smoked pork jowl and sausage spiedino. Wild ramps, tomato jus, and polenta. – Russet

Ramps and snails in allagash white butter, pecorino – South Philadelphia Taproom