It’s A Vetri Cage Match At Alla Spina


Kevin Sbraga does it with his crews. We do it every month at COOK with our Foobooz Open Stove Nights. And now Vetri is getting in on the culinary face-off action with another cage match dinner at Alla Spina.

It goes like this: Two teams of chefs from Vetri’s expanding stable of restaurants come together to cook competing four-course menus. Each course is paired with beverages of an adult variety. And when all is said and done, a winner is chosen who will then advance through the brackets until, on May 14th, the best team will go up against Marc Vetri and Adam Leonti for the title of Most Bad Ass Chef In The Vetri Empire.

Last time around, team Amis (Ned Maddock and Brad Spence) took down team Osteria. And now, we have the next bracketed competition on the schedule, which will be between teams from Alla Spina and Osteria Moorestown. It’ll be happening on April 2nd at Alla Spina (home court advantage…) and you, the dining public, are invited to attend the festivities. Tickets are $65 and seating is limited, so get yours by calling Alla Spina at 215-600-0017.

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