Stephen Starr To The DOW Chemical Building?

Photo: Sandy Smith

Photo: Sandy Smith

No, probably not. But that isn’t stopping the Property crew from speculating on whether or not His Stephenness might be able to make something of the 3,000 square foot restaurant space (with attached outdoor seating area and parking garage) that just hit the market at 6th and Market. To wit:

This summer we wrote, “Paging Stephen Starr: Great Restaurant Space Up for Grabs on Independence Mall.” We were talking about the Dow Chemical Building, listed on the National Register, which had just come on the market. At the time, the listings agent, Robert Fahey of CBRE, was highlighting the 10,000 square feet already equipped for food service.

You can check out the whole story (or, you know, if you’re looking for a little bit of restaurant real estate…) over on the Property blog. And Mr. Starr? If you do happen to be interested in that space, you know who to call first, right?

How Do You Do, Stephen Starr? [Property]