Rex 1516 is Ready For Fall

It’s getting really cold, really fast. So what better way to warm yourself than with booze? Southern comfortable Rex 1516 is revamping their cocktail list to coincide with the changing seasons, and they’ve made a trinity of harmonious additions…

Chai Alexander – $11

Salignac cognac, RumChata, chocolate bitters, creme de

cacao, nutmeg

Sage Advice – $12

Art in the Age Sage liqueur, Carpano Antigua, ginger, cranberry, smacked sage

The Harvest – $8

Laird’s overproof apple brandy, granny

smith and Macintosh apple-coriander shrub, Bartram’s bitters, St. Germaine

General Manager/Head Mixologist Heather Rodkey realized that with the coming months, citrus seemed out of tune with the outside conditions, so she looked into alternatives. Like mixing up a shrub (once referred to as “drinking vinegars,” and made fashionable back in the 1800’s), which just seemed like the perfect substitute.

“I was researching alternatives to citrus as the acidic component in cocktails and became intrigued that 1. People will drink vinegars, and 2. They can taste amazing, especially with herbal/spice components,” according to Rodkey.

So when all is said and done, on a frigid day in November, we now know that drinking vinegars is not only acceptable, but also delicious. So let’s.

Rex 1516 [Official]