6 Things You Can Only Get in Philly

Saveur recently made a list of the 6 Things You Can Only Get in Philadelphia. The editors thankfully didn’t pick up any cheesesteaks on their journey but they did make some interesting choices:

  • The Paesano Sandwich – Paesano’s
  • Appollonia Doughnut – Federal Donuts
  • Housemade Burrata – Rittenhouse Tavern
  • Root Beer – J&E Homemade Drinks
  • Thai Coconut Gelato – Capogiro
  • Tilapia Burrito – Cucina Zapata

Do you think this is a good representation of foods you can only find in the City of Brotherly Love? What would you, the voracious commenters of Foobooz, include on this list? Let the comments begin!