PYT Getting In The Summer Spirit

So we were having this debate recently on burgers and high-end burgers and bar burgers and what, really, could be done to the burger that hasn’t already been done. Because it was a slow day around the office, talk turned to semantics–to specific definitions of what a burger could (and could not) be–and during the course of this, we wondered whether a burger had to be made of beef in order to consider it a burger. And if not, what meat could be used and what could be done to it before it left the realm of burger-dom and became something…else.

Needless to say, we didn’t settle anything on that day. The question is still very much up for debate. But in the meantime, the good folks over at PYT are pushing the boundaries of definition with the summer addition of shrimp, lobster and crab burgers to their ever-changing specials menu. The snap above leads me to think that a burger certainly can be made of sea critters–of chopped jumbo shrimp and lobster/crab cakes. Mostly because it just looks so delicious.

PYT [Facebook]