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P.Y.T. at Fillmore Closes Before It Opens

Well that didn’t take long.

City Life

The Informant: Tommy Up Disappears, Meek Mill Disappoints… Then Dines

The Informant is our new gossip column from longtime Philly Mag reporter Victor Fiorillo. Each week, The Informant will bring you the tantalizing tidbits and sensational stories […]


Tommy Up and PYT Opening in New York

Tommy Up may be facing competition in Philadelphia with the announcement that Mark Wahlberg’s Wahlbergers is coming to the Piazza, but the PYT frontman is […]


10 Of Philly’s Best Ice Cream Floats

We didn’t mean to, but in the past couple of weeks we’ve done a lot of ice cream float reporting. There were the beer floats […]


Want To Eat A PYT Burger A Day For A Whole Year?

If you could choose one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would you choose? If your answer is burgers, well, you […]


Charlie Sheen Makes Good On His $1,000 Tip To PYT Server Stiffed By LeSean McCoy

Hey, remember back a couple weeks ago when the internets melted because LeSean McCoy from the Eagles left a 20-cent tip for a server at […]


LeSean McCoy 20-Cent Tip Receipt Up to $99,900 on eBay

From the Department of the Ridiculous:


Eagles’ LeSean McCoy Says PYT Tip “Was a Statement”

At the Eagles practice facility today, running back LeSean McCoy spoke with media regarding the 20¢ tip he left at PYT earlier this week. Here are the […]


LeSean McCoy Tip: Charlie Sheen Just Promised $1,000 to PYT Server

Good Lord. dear Tommy Upat PYT in Philly.Please tell Rob KI'm pledging1000 dollarsto him for the tip debacle just wanna help.c#NoJudgement — Charlie Sheen (@charliesheen) […]


PYT Owner Makes New Allegations Against LeSean McCoy [UPDATED]

UPDATE: As if this story couldn’t get any sillier, now Charlie Sheen has pledged $1,000 to the dissed PYT server. ORIGINAL: We thought that the […]


Eagles Player LeSean McCoy Just Left a 20-Cent Tip at PYT [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Actor Charlie Sheen has pledged $1,000 to the server dissed by LeSean McCoy. ORIGINAL: Somebody please tell Philadelphia Eagles player LeSean McCoy that you […]


Philadelphia Owns List of Outrageous Foods

The web site CityPASS has created an infographic of the fifteen most outrageous foods in America. And in what must be a point of pride, […]


Fishtown Tiki Bar The Yachtsman Runs Out of Money, Turns To Kickstarter

When I interviewed Tommy Up recently for the back page of Philadelphia magazine’s April edition, he told me that his Fishtown tiki bar The Yachtsman […]


Tommy Up on Expansion, Tiki and Jay Z

Tommy Up is expanding his PYT joint to New York and D.C., and this month debuts a Fishtown tiki bar. The 42-year-old talks Jay Z, […]


PYT Brings Back Its Thanksgiving Burger

We all know what a turkey burger is. This isn’t a turkey burger. This is PYT’s Thanksgiving Dinner Burger. For the fourth year the Northern […]