P.Y.T. at Fillmore Closes Before It Opens

Photo by HughE Dillon

Photo by HughE Dillon

Well that didn’t take long.

Just a few months after closing P.Y.T. at the Piazza and announcing that the burger joint would reopen at the cool new Fillmore concert venue complex, P.Y.T. owner Tommy Up now says that the Fillmore deal is off, as reported in Philly Mag’s new gossip column The Informant.

And with the New York City P.Y.T. closing in January after less than three months in business, that leaves Up with just The Yachtsman, his fun Fishtown tiki bar. Yes, the one that he opened by controversially raising money on Kickstarter.

But Up says not to count him out yet. On Tuesday, he was looking at prospective spaces in Philadelphia, and he insists that the New York location could reopen. There’s just the small matter of a dispute with the landlord at the Piazza, and Up could wind up owing him close to $300,000. Ouch.

Check out the interview with Up here.