Want To Eat A PYT Burger A Day For A Whole Year?

There's a Groupon for that.

If you could choose one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

If your answer is burgers, well, you may just get your wish. Groupon currently has a deal where you can get a burger every day for one year at PYT for $143.

Yes, this is real. Every day. For one year. With french fries. That’s a $4,830 value.

And frankly, if you eat a burger a day, especially one on a glazed donut bun with a side of crispy waffle fries, you may not make it ’til the end of the year anyhow.

The Groupon is valid at the Philadelphia location beginning on the day you purchase it and the New York location beginning when it opens in July, 2015. Once you purchase it, present the Groupon at PYT with a photo ID and you’ll receive a temporary pass to your gluttonous burger heaven (your permanent one will be shipped to your house).

So if you’re feeling audacious (or if you really crave a burger every single day), you can purchase the groupon here.

PYT [Official]