LeSean McCoy 20-Cent Tip Receipt Up to $99,900 on eBay

From the Department of the Ridiculous:

When the bidding for the infamous LeSean McCoy 20-cent tip PYT receipt started over the weekend on eBay, it was serious enough, landing on $800 by Monday morning. That alone would have made it the most expensive LeSean McCoy autograph ever sold on eBay.

But now, the bidding is up to $99,900. Of course, fake bids are not uncommon on eBay, especially for high-profile auctions. The high bidder could be one of the same people who have been trolling PYT’s Yelp page, taking it from four stars to three (and that’s with PYT working feverishly to get the bad reviews from people who had never been there removed).

Then again, the bidder in question is a veteran eBay user with excellent ratings (the unidentified bidder has a feedback rating of 236, with a note that 100% of his or her feedback has been positive). And when it comes to football and our celebrity culture, who knows what people are willing to do.