Charlie Sheen Makes Good On His $1,000 Tip To PYT Server Stiffed By LeSean McCoy

Hey, remember back a couple weeks ago when the internets melted because LeSean McCoy from the Eagles left a 20-cent tip for a server at PYT?

Remember when the melted internets then exploded and caught fire because Charlie Sheen (yeah, THAT Charlie Sheen) got on Twitter and pledged $1,000 to the stiffed server (#nojudgement)?

Yeah, well now it looks like Topper Harley has come through. The Daily News is reporting that 10 hundred dollar bills and a signed photo were mailed to PYT, in care of server Rob Knelly, and the cash is now resting comfortably in Knelly’s wallet.

No word yet on what he’s doing with the signed picture.