Night Market Recap

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The Night Market brought out the crowds last night. We started to feel an energy as we approached 10th and Tasker. At 8pm the crowd at 1601 was pouring onto the sidewalk. We could hear live music from a block away. As we approached the intersection of Passyunk and Tasker we were blown away by the throngs of people.

We descended into the crowd discovering long lines at the food vendors. The line for Tacos Al Pastor from Los Taquitos de Puebla took 30+ minutes to conquer. Coup de Taco and Honest Tom’s were sold out by 8:30. We spotted reinforcements being delivered to Gigi & Big R’s truck.

It was a first-time event and showed some rookie mistakes. The Food Trust, who put on the night market didn’t expect the crowds that showed up. The perfect fall night really encouraged people to come out. The one week delay due to rain claimed four vendors and another, Sugar Philly was lost due to truck problems. Despite that an estimated 3,000 tacos were served.

It wasn’t a perfect event but we can’t wait to see the sophomore effort.

If you haven’t signed up for the Night Market e-mail list, do so now as a survey will be going out next week and you’ll be the first to know about the next Night Market. That night is planned for the spring but the “you should do it sooner” exclamations were frequent. But where?

Night Market [Official Site]