Glamorous Eating at Tweed

Brian Freedman really likes Tweed, a restaurant that makes “fresh and local” more than a buzz phrase and turns it into an exciting addition to Philadelphia’s restaurant scene.

Sauteed pork chop was Chef Cunningham’s riff on the barbecue of the season, and it hit all the right notes. A Fred Flintstone-worthy bone-in chop was plated atop a mound of rainbow Swiss chard and covered in a comforting blanket of cheddar-reinforced creamed corn. And despite the drama of that hunk of pork, it was the toppings that were most remarkable. Star anise, cinnamon and vanilla brought an exotic perfume to all- American corn. And the barbecue sauce (spicy, tangy and complex from Boylans birch beer, smoked garlic, hickory, coffee, chiles, vinegar and more) enhanced the pork’s own flavor without dominating it.

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