Two Bells for Green Eggs

Craig LaBan anoints Green Eggs Cafe as another brunch line worth standing in, even if he does find some faults.

For brunch, though, the breakfast burrito is my go-to favorite, a zesty two-pounder stuffed with cuminy chorizo from the Italian Market, roasted potatoes, pepperjack cheese, eggs, and a black-bean drizzle. Eat it all, and you’ll need a little extra slack on the seat belt afterward.

And that isn’t even Green Eggs’ heftiest offering. That would be the “Kitchen Sink,” a clear fan favorite judging from all the cast-iron skillets that landed on tables beside us. It comes piled, not simply with three scrambled eggs, roast peppers and potatoes, but a fresh buttermilk biscuit swimming with creamy ladlefuls of sausage gravy. I’d probably enjoy a slow-roasted hockey puck if it came lathered in that gravy – a throwback of country comfort that is simply impossible to resist.

Two Bells – Very Good

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