Wednesday, That’s My Good Mood Day

On Wednesdays, Mazag Cafe serves koshary, an Egyptian dish worthy of praise. David Snyder also finds plenty to praise on the rest of the menu.

[Owner Dahlia] Osman makes [koshary] by molding medium-grain rice, lentils and pasta on a festive plate and topping it all with a light tomato sauce. It sounds too plain to warrant exultation, but the harmonious blend of flavors that had my neighbor cooing come from house-infused garlic vinegar (drizzled on tableside), bitter fried onions and a deliciously nuanced homemade hot pepper sauce. After a few bites, I found myself wishing I knew how to say “delicious” in Arabic so I could pay the dish the compliment it deserves.

Eat Like an Egyptian [City Paper]