Clintons, Obamas to Rally in Philly Monday Night

Hillary Clinton — with her husband and the Obamas — will make her final election pitch in Philadelphia.

If you didn’t realize Philadelphia was crucial to Hillary Clinton’s election chances, you should now. Per the campaign, Hillary Clinton will rally in Philadelphia on Monday night at a yet-to-be-announced location. She’ll be joined by her husband Bill, her daughter Chelsea, President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. The whole team!

“Clinton will urge Pennsylvanians to make history on Tuesday by electing her president so she can continue pushing for the American ideals of progress, inclusion, equality and strength that our founders enshrined in our Constitution in Philadelphia in 1787,” said a release from the campaign. “Along with President Obama, she will also lay out how the division and dangerous views espoused by Donald Trump in his campaign make him unqualified, unfit and unworthy to lead this great nation.”

Clinton and her allies have made a number of stops in Philadelphia during the general election; everyone appearing Monday night has made at least one campaign stop in the city. Clinton leads by 3.4 percentage points in RealClearPolitics’ polling averages.

The campaign has not said where this event will be, but our guess is somewhere outside where a large crowd can gather. Barack Obama appeared at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in mid-September to stump for Hillary (and, most importantly, shouted out Carson Wentz). The Parkway would work, as would the lawn at Independence Mall.

People who want to RSVP to the event, regardless of its location, can RSVP here.