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City Life

How Angela Val Plans to Bring Tourists Back to Philadelphia

Visit Philadelphia. These are two words that until recently made a lot of sense together — a sonorous duet, if you will. A simple truism. […]


The Joy of Burning It All Down: Alexandra Holt’s Insurgent Experiment in Fine Dining

Retirement Planning (2 days after dinner service) On the phone, chef Alexandra Holt and I are talking about the future. For the 24-seat BYO named […]

City Life

Philly’s Biotech Scene Needs More Local Money — Now

Around every corner, the gizmos sound like something cooked up by a mad scientist in the movies: a 24-way-robot-controlled bio-reactor, a “viral positive” room, a […]

76ers sixers erving
City Life

The Year We Won It All: A Behind-the-Scenes Oral History of the 76ers’ Epic 1983 Championship

Philadelphia’s status as a tortured sports city isn’t a permanent designation. Zoom past the days of Connie Mack. Brake before the Philly Special. Turn off […]

City Life

The Amazing Story of How Philly Cheesesteaks Became Huge in Lahore, Pakistan

Sometime in the fall of 2021, a man from Philadelphia came to meet Mazhar Hussain, a chef based in Lahore, Pakistan. Hussain was shown a […]

City Life

Rob Thomson’s Wild Ride

The line for dinner service at the St. Francis Inn in Kensington started forming just before 5 p.m., with folks traveling from across the neighborhood […]

pennsylvania pa license plates
City Life

Other States Have Cool License Plates. Why Can’t Pennsylvania?

“Oooh, mom, look! Nevada!” I’m driving the family Honda, but traffic has slowed on 20th Street, so I flick my eyes to the right to […]


The Philly Suburbs Are Bigger Than Ever — Literally

To get from Philadelphia to Allentown, you have two highways to choose from: the Pennsylvania Turnpike Northeast Extension or Route 309. Anne Mosher is familiar […]

City Life

Why Is Adulting So Freaking Hard These Days?

I subscribe to and read a lot of magazines. This is because I enjoy magazines — the paper versions — and want them to continue […]

City Life

Jeff Marrazzo’s Big, Bold Philly Gene Therapy Vision

The calls kept coming in, and she let them go straight to voicemail. Venture capital investors weren’t her cup of tea. She was a scientist. […]

City Life

A Night in the Life of the Night Mayor

It’s 12:30 a.m. on what’s just become a Friday in August, and I’m out and about with the Night Mayor. We’re on West Girard at […]


Secrets to the Perfect Hoagie Roll

As I’ve come to understand it, the English language has few redeemable qualities. It’s difficult to learn, and it’s full of stupid rules and punctuation […]

Be Well Philly

Life Unfiltered: Why I Opened Up About My Cancer Scare on Social Media

“I’m tired of hiding,” I say aloud to nobody. I’m alone on a travel assignment, scrolling Instagram in my room and thinking about how frustrating […]

City Life

After Last Year’s Labor Battle, Will the Art Museum Come Back Stronger?

It was time to say goodbye to another departing Philadelphia Museum of Art colleague. A small group had gathered for happy-hour drinks at the Bishop’s […]

City Life

What It’s Like to Send Your Kid to Main Line Etiquette Class

It was a gorgeous fall day in Philadelphia — crisp and clear, the sort of day that puts you in a great mood. Only I […]