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The Brewers Building a Better — and Less Toxic — Philly Beer Scene

In May of 2021, it was like a rapture took place in the City of Philadelphia. The buildings remained in place, and so did the […]

City Life

Ben Kirshner’s Plan to Transform How Pennsylvania Does Business

In February of 2022, Pittsburgh-based U.S. Steel broke ground on one of the most advanced steelmaking facilities ever built in North America. When it begins […]

City Life

Inside Par Funding: The Wild $550 Million Financial Scandal That Rocked Philly and the Main Line

The lure was a free dinner and the promise of returns as high as 14 percent. The key pitch came from Joe LaForte, a two-time […]

City Life

Death Can Be Isolating and Dehumanizing. But What If It Didn’t Have to Be?

Within days of learning she had pancreatic­ cancer that had already spread to her liver, forming more than a dozen tumors, Elaine Arazawa had her […]


My Love Affair With Designer Ice

I’m a cubist. I am. Ask anybody who knows me: There’s no one on Earth who loves ice cubes more than I do. I drink […]

City Life

Fight Like a Girl: The New Wave of High-School Wrestling

The first thing that hits me when I walk into the high-school gym is the smell, an acrid mix of stale sweat, dirty feet and […]

City Life

How Did Penn Get Here?

The moment that ended up on cable news, that went viral on social media, that within days would cost Penn president Liz Magill her job, […]

City Life

The Fight To Keep Philly’s Theater Scene Alive

Act I. Setting the Scene “What a wonder is a gun! What a versatile invention! First of all, when you’ve got a gun — ” […]

City Life

How Kate Scott Went From Outsider to Groundbreaking Voice of the Sixers

It’s a surprisingly hot morning in late September, and Kate Scott is sitting in front of an enormous mountain of scrap metal. The claws of […]

City Life

How 2023 Turned Me Into a Climate-Crazed Eccentric

“What the hell is that?” my next-door neighbor asks, peering over our shared backyard fence at the enormous orange plastic orb that’s taken up residence […]

City Life

How Bankroll Went Bust

The problem with Paul Martino may be just how good he is. Martino lives in Doylestown, after growing up in Lansdale, where he started his […]

Be Well Philly

The Power of — and Problems With — Lucky Girl Syndrome

Each morning, West Chester author and fourth-grade teacher Rebecca DiCicco looks in a mirror and recites a few words aloud. Sometimes they’re simple, like, “I […]


The Wild Optimists Who Turned the Philly Wine Scene From Blah to Brilliant

A New Yorker walks into a bar — Bloomsday Cafe’s bar, to be specific — studies the bottle list, and flags down GM and beverage […]

City Life

My Ride-Along With the Police Commissioner

Anyone who’s read my work here over the years knows where I stand on law enforcement: Like so many members of the Black community in […]


What Will Become of Philly’s Vacant Office Space?

Dropped by your office lately? I haven’t. This magazine gave up its offices on Washington Square in January of this year. And Philly Mag may […]