DeSean: Revis Can’t Run With Me

DeSean Jackson recently stated that there’s no one man that can really stop him in this league.

Does that include Darrelle Revis?

“That definitely goes for whoever, man,” said Jackson with a laugh. “Any guy that’s trying to guard me one-on-one, man coverage definitely feel my speed, my ability to deep threat, go down the field, do whatever it is I need to do, I still feel comfortable and confident regardless of who is covering me.”

Jackson will face Revis  on Sunday, and expects that the corner will follow him around the field for much of the game.

“He’s playing ball. He’s a great player, one of the best cornerbacks in the league. I love facing guys that have the ability to be a shutdown corner. Anytime you have guys like that going into games, it gets the best out of you. You want to step your game up. He’s in a little bit of a different defensive scheme, playing [in Cover 2] a little bit more, he’s moving inside, different things like that.”

Revis is coming off a torn ACL. Jackson said as far as he knows, the standout corner is healthy.

These two squared off in December of 2011 during a 45-19 Eagles win over the Jets. Jackson remembers Revis joking that the receiver was too fast and needed to slow down. But Jackson was kept in check, catching two balls for 28 yards.

As for this time around?

“I’m definitely sure his coaches are confident in him, but I don’t think he can run with me, I don’t think he’s as fast as me,” said Jackson. “So it will be a challenge, man. He’s a great player, nothing to take away from him. I’m just focused on what we have to do here, which is win a football game. We’re not going to make it into a one-on-one battle, we’re not going to [make it] me versus Revis. It’s the Eagles versus Tampa Bay, and at the end of the game, as long as we’re winning, that’s all that matters to me.”

Jackson is fourth in the league in receiving yards (525) and is coming off a big performance against New York, in which he caught seven balls for 132 yards and a score. Part of the key, he says, is the fact that Chip Kelly is lining him up all over the field. Expect that to be a tactic against Revis and the Bucs as well.

“They’re just trying to move me around, keep me fluid throughout the game, and just really catch him off guard,” said Jackson, “and doing different things that we’ve been doing the past couple weeks to hopefully get me open.”