What the QB Class Tells Us About Foles

Five of the six quarterbacks selected before Nick Foles in the 2012 draft are currently in starting roles. Only Brock Osweiler, a second-round pick by Denver, has yet to see meaningful action this year. And with Peyton Manning ahead of him, no one can hold it against the 6-7  QB out of Arizona State.

With Foles poised to make his first start, 19 percent of the teams in the NFL will be guided by rookies at quarterback this week. What are the chances that Foles is successful?

Let’s take a look at how his classmates have done so far on the NFL level:


Andrew LuckRGIIIRyan TannehillBrandon WeedenRussell WIlson
Drafted1st overall (1)2nd overall (1)8th overall (1)22nd overall (1)75th overall (3)
Team record6-33-64-52-76-4
Completion %57.565.658.955.162.1
QB Rating79.193.973.267.990.5


A couple things to take into account here: Four of the five signal-callers are first-rounders. That does not guarantee greater success, but the odds are more in your favor.

On the bright side, Russell Wilson was taken just 13 slots in front of Foles and is doing well in Seattle. He has five more touchdown passes on the year than Luck and is second in completion percentage and quarterback rating to only RGIII. Just as importantly, his team has a winning record.

Andy Reid was actually pretty high on Wilson. If the draft had fallen a little differently, he could have very well ended up in Philadelphia.

Instead, the Eagles wound up selecting Foles with the 88th overall pick. On Sunday, Foles gets a chance to start proving that he belongs. Fittingly enough, he’ll make his first start against another member of the 2012 fraternity in RGIII.

The quarterback failure rate in the NFL is high and each player and situation is unique unto itself. Just think Manning-Ryan Leaf.

That said, Eagles fans can at least find a little hope in the fact that, while Foles is a green third-rounder, he is a part of a class that is holding its own for the most part in Year One.

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