The Ultimate Guide to Indoor Cycling Studios Around Philadelphia

Including info on showers, shoe rental, pricing, and other details at more than 10 area spin studios.


Find a spin studio to fit your competitive, rhythmic, or miscellaneous needs in Philly. / Photograph courtesy SoulCycle

When spin first burst onto the boutique fitness scene a few years ago, none of us could have predicted it’d take off the way it did. Nowadays, you’ve got your choice of spin studios and ride styles. Want to spin and box? Want free shoe rentals? Want childcare? We promise you’ll find all of that — and more — at the Philadelphia-area spin studios in our guide below.

BPM Fitness 

indoor cycling

Photograph courtesy BPM Fitness

Where: 1808 Spring Garden Street (Spring Garden)
Price for single class: $25
First class free? No, but you get your first two classes for the price of one.
Shoe Rentals? No; All bikes feature toe straps for sneakers but are also SPD compatible if you feel like breaking out the cycling shoes.
Showers? Two men’s and two women’s showers, fully stocked with towels and amenities ranging from shampoo and conditioner to disposable razors

If you like mixing up your workouts with more than just spin, BPM Fitness’ fusion classes might be right up your alley. In their Full Body Burn, the Roots, and Circuit Breaker classes, you’ll start with 30 minutes of cycling, followed by 30 minutes of their TRX strength training classes. Alternatively, you can sign up for a 45-minute all-cycling class.

Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness 


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Where: 89 Bethlehem Pike (Chestnut Hill)
Price for single class: $20
First class free? Yes
Shoe Rentals? No; riders can choose to wear either sneakers or cycling shoes
Showers? One shower and complimentary towels

Not a total cardio bunny? While Chestnut Hill offers 45-minutes-plus all-spin classes, they’ve also got some that work in strength training, like the Spin & Sculpt, which follows 30 minutes of riding with 15 minutes of heavier weights. Or there’s the Spin & Abs which ends with 15 minutes of bootcamp-style cardio or the 45-minute Full Body class, which ends with 15 minutes of mat work after 30 minutes of spin.


First Rides at North Wales CycleBar studio / Photograph by HughE Dillon

Where: 500 West Germantown Pike (Plymouth Meeting), 1460 Bethlehem Pike (North Wales), 124 Woodcutter St (Exton), 1357 Dilworthtown Crossing (West Chester)
Price for single class: $23
First class free? Yes
Shoe Rentals? Yes, but you can also bring your own SPD cycling shoes
Showers? Three showers, complete with towels, shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner

We’d call Cyclebar the perfect mix of SoulCycle and Flywheel — it’s filled with good vibes and even has candles (like SoulCycle), but it will also bring out your competitive side with in-class races (like Flywheel). It’s also got that high-end, club-like studio feel — I mean, just look at these locker rooms.

Cycle Brewerytown 


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Where: 2802 West Girard Avenue (Brewerytown)
Price for single class: $22, $18 for students
First class free? Yes
Shoe rentals? No, but the studio has both SPD-compatible clips and cages so you can wear regular sneakers
Showers? No showers, but it does offer complimentary towels, dry shampoo, and curly hair gel

Most classes are 45 minutes here, and they focus on three basic tenets: “community, good music, and a dope ride.” The rides are music driven, so if you’re one of those people who can’t handle being off the beat in class (same!) you’ll find your tribe — excuse us, “Brew Crew” — here.

Flywheel Sports

Photograph courtesy Flywheel

Where: 1521 Locust Street (Rittenhouse); 711 East Lancaster Avenue, #300 (Bryn Mawr)
Price for single class: $30
First class free? Yes
Shoe rentals? Yes, complimentary cycling shoes are provided
Showers? Showers and towels are available in the locker room area.

Flywheel’s ride is one-of-a-kind, especially for those of us who like our fitness with a side of data. With a display on every bike that shows your rotations-per-minute (RPM), resistance, and power score, you can both track your progress in the moment during class and track your progress over time through the app — which gives you a report on how hard you worked during each class. And, for the competitive side in us all, there’s a Leader Board at the front of the room, where you can race against others in the class.

Focus Fitness Main Line 


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Where: 1111 E. Lancaster Ave (Bryn Mawr)
Price for single class: $22; $18 for students and senior citizens
First class free? No, but the studio offers two classes for $22, two weeks of classes for $39 to first-time riders, or two weeks of classes plus childcare for $59 to first-time riders
Shoe Rentals? No, but all bikes are SPD and sneaker compatible
Showers? Two women’s and two men’s showers fully stocked with towels and toiletries

This studio definitely has more offerings than just spin — and new parents, you’re gonna love it. For one thing, there’s the Studio K lounge for kids, which offers childcare during your workouts. For another, Focus Fitness has a boot camp program called Born to Burpee that’s just for new moms. And, of course, it also boasts spin classes — including Spin Core (45 minutes of spin plus 15 minutes of core work), Spin Strength (30 minutes of spin plus 30 minutes of boot camp), and even Spin Yoga (45 minutes of spin plus 30 minutes of yoga), in addition to other fun fusion classes.

Fuel Cycle Fitness


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Where: 53 Rittenhouse Place (Ardmore)
Price for single class: $22, $19.80 for students
First class free? No, but your first two classes are $18
Shoe Rentals? No; bikes are SPD compatible and come complete with cages for sneakers
Showers? No, but the studio does offer changing areas and towels

This Ardmore studio revolves around two main types of exercise: cycling and boxing. Its class schedule reflects these two styles — plus just about every fusion of the two you could imagine, from Pedal & Punch (30 minutes of cycling and 30 minute of boxing) to Pedal & Pulse (30 minutes of cycling plus 45 minutes of a barre-inspired toning workout).

Nex Level Indoor Cycling & Fitness

Where: 3342 Limekiln Pike (Chalmont)
Price for single class: $24; 10 percent discount for students, teachers, and military
First class free? Yes, when you sign up online.
Shoe Rentals? No, but all bikes are SPD and sneaker compatible
Showers? No, but there are changing areas.

Formerly known as Rev Indoor Cycling & Fitness, this spin studio changed names but not disciplines. It still has one dedicated spin studio and extra space for additional fitness classes, including everything from barre and boxing to yoga and TRX. The signature indoor cycling class is a 45-minute ride, but Nex Level does offer fusion classes that mix circuit training, TRX, and abs with your spin as well.

Revel Ride

indoor cycling

Photograph courtesy Revel Ride

Where: 1632 South Street (Rittenhouse Square)
Price for single class: $25
First class free? No; you can get your first drop-in for $20 or three classes for $45
Shoe Rentals? Yes, free of charge and included in every class
Showers? Two showers featuring towels, lotions, deodorants, and shaving kits

This Rittenhouse studio launched in early April last year, but it feels like it’s been part of Philly’s spinning scene for much longer. Why? It brings three styles of riding under one roof: music-driven, competition-driven, and a more general class. On the days we can’t decide if we’re a SoulCycle person, a Flywheel person, or neither, we know Revel Ride will have our cycling preferences covered.

Ride Cycling Studio


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Where: 225 Second Street Pike (Southampton)
Price for single class: $18
First class free? Yes
Shoe Rentals? Yes, free of charge, but Ride also has double-sided pedals if you prefer to bike in sneakers
Showers? A shower, two changing areas, complimentary towels, hair dryers, and hair products

This studio’s year-old new location doubled its space and allowed it to add TRX and barre classes to its repertoire. In addition to rhythm and performance rides and fusion classes of spin, barre, and TRX, Ride also now offers childcare at $3 per child per class — great for new parents looking to stay in shape.


Photograph courtesy SoulCycle

Where: 113 South 16th Street (Rittenhouse Square), 2 Coulter Ave (Ardmore)
Price for single class: $32; $20 for new riders
First class free? No, but they do offer two classes for the price of one to all first time riders
Shoe Rentals? Free first time riders rent for free, $3 any time after
Showers? At the Ardmore location, there are three women’s and three men’s showers. (One each is ADA compliant.) All include toiletries and towels.

The OG of indoor cycling boutiques, SoulCycle is all about riding to the rhythm. It’s a highly choreographed class, so you can plan on moving to the music the whole ride long, swaying back and forth with the class “pack.” You’ll also do a little arm work late into the class, while riding the bike, and you can bet you’ll come out of the class feeling motivated and inspired by SoulCycle’s mood-boosting instructors.



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Where: 328 North Lewis Road (Royersford)
Price for a single class: $17
First class free? Yes
Shoe rentals? Yes, available for $2. Or you can bring your own SPD-compatible cleats or just wear sneakers.
Showers? Yes, stocked with shampoo, conditioner, soap, and face wash — but you’ll need to bring your own towels.

This studio moved in 2017, expanding its dark, candle-lit bike room to accommodate 36 riders. At this studio, you can try spin, barre, and TRX, plus fusion classes of all three and HIIT classes that focus on the glutes and abs. And if you’re new to cycling, Torque also has a Spin 101 class, in which you can learn how to set up your bike, what the different positions are, and how to keep up with the class like an old pro.

The Wall Fitness Studio


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Where: 107 Cotton Street (Manayunk)
Price for single class: $18
First class free? Yes, first time riders can receive a free class if they visit the Wall’s website
Shoe rentals? No, but you can get a shoe discount at Trek Cycles if you mention the studio
Showers? Three showers stocked with shampoo, conditioner, razors, Q-tips, and spray deodorant (but you must bring your own towels)

This spin studio comes with a side of two barre studios — which means you’re going to get in your heart-pounding cardio here, as well as all the lengthening and toning your heart desires. The Spin & Sculpt class is a top seller: an intervals ride that’s got TRX training, free weights, ladders, and more mixed in for that extra burn.

Additional reporting by Madison Cassel.

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