A New Wellness-Slash-Music Festival Is Coming to Philly

ManiFEST Urban Wellness and Entertainment Festival is going down on August 3rd, and tickets are available now.

Glbl Vllg maniFEST

Get ready for a new kind of wellness festival at Glbl Vllg ManiFEST. Photograph courtesy Glbl Vllg.

A new kind of festival is coming to town, celebrating music, wellness, creativity, and social connection. ManiFEST, hosted by Philly-based Glbl Vllg, is going to take place on Saturday, August 3rd, at One Art Community Center in Philly, and it sounds pretty awesome.

“Glbl Vllg is passionate about creating safe and nurturing spaces for people to come together, express themselves, be heard and supported,” Glbl Vllg’s Brisa Smith Flores tells Philly Mag. For this reason, they worked to create ManiFEST as a “festival where everyone is included” and a way to take the spirit of the community and celebrate it together with the local organizers, artists, and supporters of Philadelphia.

“In this space creativity, love, and self-expression are encouraged and welcomed. To us, ManiFEST is an opportunity for people who feel like they need to be heard or want to find a community to feel welcomed and belong. In essence we believe all people are invited and all people belong in the Vllg,” says Smith Flores.

While many wellness festivals focus on the physical elements of health, ManiFEST takes a more holistic approach, focusing on what they call the “eight dimensions of wellness (social, environmental, physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, and financial).” Ready to find out what that looks like? You’ve got plenty of ticket options, each offering a different experience.

At $20, a general admission ticket will get you into the event, where you will be able to soak up the eight dimensions of wellness via live performances and DJs, artistic activities, and live painting, plus nosh on grub from community food vendors and partake in the “imrsv” arts virtual reality room. It also includes the VLLG Jam at 8 p.m., “the only concert where the audience in the headliner.”

For $15 more you can purchase the “Oasis” ticket, which includes everything from GA plus additional guided writing workshops, an invitation into the “Tribe Talk Room” — an indoor discussion discussion space to openly and freely explore aspects of each dimension of wellness, with figures who embody these characteristics in their personal and professional lives. You will also get access to their version of a VIP room, the ManiFEST in The Oasis. The Oasis is an exclusive green space designed with specific activities and vendors, to connect with nature and self through peaceful, mindful, and grounding activities. Bring your favorite blanket or chair and release all of your cares.

The “Royal-tee” ticket is the whole VIP experience, and guarantees you will walk away with an exclusive GLBL VLLG swag bag. It includes everything from GLBL VLLG buttons, stickers, a t-shirt, as well as other goodies from partners and sponsors.

While the fest primarily caters to adults, children are invited and tickets for those six and under are free.

ManiFEST is scheduled for Saturday, August 3rd, at One Art Community Center (1431-39 N. 52nd Street).