You Can Join a Giant, Free Fit Academy Boot Camp Outside Philadelphia’s City Hall

It may be getting chilly, but outdoor workout season isn't officially over until all the free boot camp workouts are too.

free Fit Academy boot camp

Join this free Fit Academy boot camp at City Hall for an outdoor workout before the weather turns too cold. Photograph by Jared Piper Photo.

Sure, okay, fine. It’s fall. We’ll admit it. We’ll even admit we’re excited about it. (I mean, who are we to scoff at fall foliage-filled hikes, excused to drink pumpkin spice stuff, and apple picking?)

But you know what makes us kind of sad it’s no longer summer? The end of yet another killer, action-packed outdoor workout schedule. From yoga on the roof deck at Bok Bar to boxing on the ship deck at The Moshulu, this summer was, well, incredible.

Thankfully, it’s not fully over. Here to save us from our summer-is-over mourning is Fit Academy, who is partnering with the Office of Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown to bring us a free, giant (they’re hoping for at least 200 attendees!) outdoor Fit Academy boot camp at City Hall.

free Fit Academy boot camp

Osayi Osunde leads the last free Fit Academy boot camp at City Hall. Photograph by Jared Piper Photo.

The workout, which is scheduled for October 30, will include a bodyweight session to get your heart racing and your lungs pumping. Since the event is scheduled for the evening before Halloween, everyone is encouraged to come in costume — and yes, this obviously means there will be a costume contest as well. (This Spider Man costume looks easy to move in — or you could always follow Urban Outfitters’ lead and wear an “Influencer” look, which is basically just a sports bra with leggings!)

After the boot camp, everyone is invited to hit up a nearby bar (exact location TBA) for a drink and some bonding time with your fellow fitness lovers. We’re also told that at the event Fit Academy will make a very exciting announcement (not, apparently, about their 21 Day Challenge, which is launching this week). So if you’re like us (ahem, always curious), we’d recommend attending to hear the news in person first!

The free Fit Academy boot camp is scheduled for October 30 at 6 p.m. at City Hall. Head here to RSVP.

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