This New Philadelphia Run Series Comes With Nutrition Tips From the Pros

Sure, you could end your run at a pub — or you could start and end a nutrition company, like this new Philadelphia run series.

philadelphia run series

OnPoint Nutrition is starting a new Philadelphia run series, starting and ending at their Center City office. Photograph by iStock/mheim3011

Sure, there are plenty of group runs that end with beer, but what about a run that ends with something a little, well, healthier? Here serving up a brand new Philadelphia run series option is OnPoint Nutrition, the Best of Philly-winning nutrition collective that’s launching a brand new class option on ClassPass.

The “classes” will each feature a three-ish mile run that begin and end at OnPoint’s offices in Center City. Following the run, participants will be rewarded with water and a chance to learn nutrition tips from OnPoint’s team of experts. Plus, everyone will also take home nutrition materials — including fresh, dietitian-approved recipes to add to your weekly rotation.

The new run series — dubbed “Run for the Health of It!” — kicks off October 6 with a group run at 9 a.m. around Center City, followed by an interactive informational session with OnPoint nutritionist Kate Glutz and registered dietitian Zoe Fienman, who will go over run fueling and hydration. Additionally, Wallace and Nilan Physical Therapy clinic director Bill Pinkerton will join in on the fun to share stretching techniques and injury prevention and care tips. Oh, and because it’s not a kick-off party without snacks and raffle prizes, you can also expect some of those, too.

OnPoint plans to host more Run for the Health of It! sessions — each of which are just $10 to join on Eventbrite if you’re not on ClassPass — throughout the fall. Thus far, they have runs planned for October 15 and 29 and November 12 — so mark your calendar now!

OnPoint Nutrition is located at 350 South 15th Street. Sign up for the first run on Eventbrite here or on ClassPass here.

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