Here’s How to Score $1 Salads, Bowls, and Pita Wraps at Hummus Republic

Hummus Republic is celebrating its grand opening with a pretty grand lunch deal.

hummus republic

Hummus Republic, a chain serving up salads, bowls, and pita wraps, is located at 115 S. 18th Street in Rittenhouse. Photograph by Caroline Cunningham.

Considering that Center City has its fill of hummus and build-your-own pita spots (lookin’ at you, Dizengoff, Hummusology, and Hey Hummus), it makes sense that any newcomers would need to go the extra mile to call attention to their brand of Mediterranean fast casual. So even though Hummus Republic — a California-based chain serving salads, bowls, and pita wraps — opened a few months ago, they’re celebrating their grand opening now.

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For this grand opening, they’re using a promo that was sure to grab our attention (hey, look, it worked!): $1 salads, bowls, and pita wraps. That’s right: On October 1, you can show up at Hummus Republic’s petite Rittenhouse eatery anytime between the hours of 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to order yourself a one-buck salad, bowl, or pita wrap, filled with your choice of tasty veggies, hummus, and meat or meat alternatives (including a vegan “beef” and falafel balls).

Having dined there ourselves, we’ve got to say: dollar bowls or not, Hummus Republic deserves a slot on your lunch order roster. For one thing, the food is really fresh and flavorful, and the toppings are generous, so you’re sure to stay full for a while after your meal. For another, the bowls are fully customizable, so you can really pack in a rainbow of veggies, plant-based proteins, and more for a nutrient-dense lunch. Oh, and did we mention that they also serve tahina shakes? Yum.

Ready to give it a try? Visit Hummus Republic at 115 S. 18th Street on October 1 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to get the $1 deal.

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