Brooklyn Wax Is Philadelphia’s New Spa for “Vagina Facials”

Yes, vagina facials.

vagina facials

Brooklyn Wax specializes in waxing and pampering, including vagina facials. Photograph courtesy Ashley Moleski.

We blame Gwyneth Paltrow. Or maybe Chrissy Teigan. Whatever — both of them have squatted over a steaming vat of herbs (and Instagrammed it), all in the name of vaginal health. And now, the trend — which has expanded beyond vaginal steaming to include vaginal and butt “facials” — has come to Philly, thanks to Manayunk’s new unisex spa, Brooklyn Wax.

But while the idea of a vajacial (yeah, that’s “vagina facial”) sounds like something only a Gwyneth guru could get behind, in reality, Brooklyn Wax provides more of a medical spa experience. It’s almost the same exact process as a facial: light steaming, exfoliation, extractions if you have difficult ingrown hairs or acne, a toning and smoothing mask, and, if you opt for it, a violet-lit high-frequency wand treatment to deter acne. The weird part is, of course, that it’s mostly below the belt, instead of on your face.

vagina facials

The chic interior of Brooklyn Wax. Photograph courtesy Ashley Moleski.

We tried it out, and, overall, it’s a pleasant-enough pampering experience (as long as you’re not too shy) that isn’t too far out there from a simple Brazilian or bikini wax. The vagina facials can be done immediately after waxing if your skin isn’t too sensitive, or a few days after if you do have sensitive skin. You can also try one out after shaving if waxing isn’t your jam.

The brains behind the new Manayunk spa are Ashley Moleski, a Bucks County Native, and Takia Evans, an Old City resident. (Takia is married to Jahri Evans, a former Green Bay Packer, and co-owner of two SOMO restaurants.) How did the pair decide Philly really needed a place for vagina facials and steaming? Moleski explains: “We were talking about how a lot of women get ingrown hairs, and have other issues, and how there isn’t anywhere in Philadelphia that treats that.”

vagina facials

A treatment room at Brooklyn Wax. Photograph courtesy Ashley Moleski.

Not able to find the kinds of services they wanted in Philadelphia, Moleski and Evans decided to create their dream spa destination themselves. It’d be something like European Wax, but with more pampering, hygiene, and lightening services — plus services for men. They use high-end fragrance-free hard wax and natural products (such as Prana Hoo Haa Cleanser and EstheSkin aloe vera masks), all selected by head esthetician, Allie Castellani. The spa also serves ONEHope wine or champagne with Brooklyn Wax services to help clients unwind and enjoy the spa experience.

vagina facials

Brooklyn Wax is located at 4309 Main Street in Manayunk. Photograph courtesy Ashley Moleski.

While the V-facials may be the most buzz-worthy, there are a lot of services available at Brooklyn Wax. The full list of services is online, but options range from a “Shiney Hiney B-Facial for a bump-free derriere,” the “Manzilian or a Man-kini” waxing for men service, to the “Fully Enlightened,” which includes a B-facial, V-facial, and lightening treatments for both areas.

Brooklyn Wax is now open at 4309 Main Street in Manayunk.

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